Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Changes to sewing room

A rotation of machines has occurred in such a short period of time. While looking for attachment parts for my machines, I came across the Cadillac of vintage Singer machines (201K), a wonderful wooden box, and yes parts too.

Thistle Marie got moved and this 15-90 (from the $10 purchase) now sits in her spot to do the work. I wasn't planning on using the 15-90 as a treadle; but after much reading and researching, I have decided that I want to use this machine as a treadle too. I took the handle off the machine, Singer 15BG168, that came with the treadle that the 201K now sits in. The 15-90 is name Jasmine.

A loser look at Jasmine.

Her face plate.

This is my 201K which I picked up for $35 with a box of attachments. Since this machine is stellar in her stitch work, I will call her Starr. This treadle is different from the treadle that Jasmine sits in. The font on this treadle matched Starr's font and decal style.

A closer look at Starr.

Yes, Thistle Marie has an honorary place next to Erica's toy sewing machine. I found the box at an estate sale while looking for attachment parts. The box had a 15-91 in it, but I moved that to the Queen Anne cabinet that had the 15-90.

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