Saturday, July 19, 2014

Many Roads

I haven't done any quilting the past two months since I have been busy traveling. The first trip was to Japan with my son. I quickly tried to capture my son walking through the gates without others walking beside him at one of the shrines in Kyoto.

And this is me at a temple that is dedicated to praying for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Heehee, Well I'm too old for pregnancies, but the buildings and grounds were very pretty at this temple.

While in Tokyo, I purchased some fabric in a small fabric store in Shimokitazawa not too far from the Peacock grocery store. The fabric store is packed with beautiful fabrics from all over the world. I purchased this fabric since it was made in Nara. The print reminds me of my summers as a child picking flowers with my mom on the side of a country road.

Well, that all happened in June, and purchasing the fabric was the closest to quilt making for that month.

My second trip was driving to Houston from the SF Bay Area with my son. This is view from Carlsbad Cavern Park of the New Mexico basin with Texas in the far distance.

Carlsbad Cavern's natural entrance to the cavern is spectacular! It is worth spending a full day walking down into the cavern, taking the tours, and exploring this natural marvel.

On that road trip, I had many hours to think about my present quilting project, a scrappy Irish chain quilt. So after a couple of days of rest after returning home, I got out my scraps of fabric and went to work. I cut out 750 pieces of fabric.

Today, I started piecing squares into large 12" blocks. I hope to get this quilt done before my next trip; a trip to visit my family. This quilt will be a birthday gift for my younger brother.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graduation Gift for My Daughter

My daughter graduated this past weekend from Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. She is the gal looking straight at the camera and wearing the brown graduation honor cord.

My husband and I are very proud that she survived five long grueling years of architecture school.

For her graduation present, I made her this quilt which she can now snuggle under while reading something for fun or while just watching a tv show. The colors in the fabrics are the Carnegie Mellon colors that are found in the Carnegie Mellon's tartan fabric which is also in this quilt.

The pattern is the Interleave pattern by Lorrie Cranor:

Since the mascot of Carnegie Mellon is the Scottie Dog, I use a fabric with a motif of scottie dogs. The large white dog has information about my daughter's graduation.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Mother's Day Gift

This is a gift to my mom who loves to decorate her dining room table with runners and flowers from her yard. She loves receiving new runners; so, I thought this one would be fun for her. The fabrics are from her stash of fabrics that she gave me a couple of years ago when she decided she was too tired to tackle quilting projects.

These elegant origami pinwheels are simple and quick to make.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Grandmother Flower Garden Half-Hexis

A numerous years back I made a quilt using half-hexis and the grandmother flower garden pattern using Bali-pops. Since I enjoyed that project, I decided to make another one using the quilt-as-you-go method to attach the rows. After selecting and grouping the Bali-pop strips, I cut them into half-hexis.

The half-hexis were arranged into flowers for the front, and leftover half-hexis were incorporated onto the back. I used my Singer 224 to attach the half-hexis to the back fabric with a decorative stitch.

For the front of the quilt, I pieced the half-hexis together into rows.

Next, I hand-basted the sandwich of muslin, batting, and back of quilt together. After drawing my starting line onto the muslin, I placed my first two rows down on the line and stitched them into place.

From there, I continued to add rows using my Davis NVF.

I decided to use the quilt-as-you-go method for quilting since there would be no quilting lines to distract from the simplicity of the flower garden motif.

Friday, February 28, 2014


A sneak peek at the five quilting projects that I hope to complete this spring.

I started cutting the batiks into half hexagons that will be used to make a modern grandmother flower garden quilt. Back in 2010, I made the Bali Hexagon quilt using half hexis and the grandmother flower garden pattern. I enjoyed making that quilt and have always wanted to make another. So, project number one is the batik grandmother flower garden quilt.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pincushion Exchange

TreadleOn (collectors of people-powered sewing machines that use their machines for sewing projects) was having a pincushion exchange. So, I decided to join the fun by making a chick as my exchange pincushion.

I received this pretty cathedral window pincushion from the host. She posted the rest of the exchange pincushions on her flickr blog. It was interesting to see how creative and clever others were with their pincushion designs.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Interleave Quilts

While researching quilts, I came across Lorrie Cranor's blog post on her Tartan Tango: I liked it so much that I wanted to make an Interleave quilt. Lucky for me, Lorrie had posted directions on how to make a mini Interleave quilt for her 1 day workshops: So, I got busy digging through fabrics to make one, which then turned into two mini quilts. The project can be assembled in a day. I'm not going to post directions. One can find them on Ms. Cranor's blog.

Test run #1: The Helix

This pattern is made with the helix template.
I started with pulling fabrics, printing directions, and making a template. I didn't change the scale of the template since I figured it would work for this mini project.

I made my own grid.

I followed the directions for marking and cutting the panels.

Then, I marked the left side with my soft graphite pencil so that I had my reference point, which is handy to have.

Since my Davis NVF doesn't have the perfect 1/4 inch walking foot, the strips no longer matched the grid. That didn't bother me.

Finished with first test run. My husband says it looks like two breast while my son says it looks like an hourglass.

Test Run #2: Hourglass

This pattern is made with the hourglass template.
I decided to use three different colors per strip instead of the two that are in the directions. So, I made a mistake on which piece I wanted cut. Trial and error on my part.

I wanted the orange panel to be sandwiched between the purples. I had to rip out the orange and add a new panel, and then re-cut on the purple.

I love treadling my Davis NVF!

Finished the Hourglass Sine Wave.

The two projects. An Interleave Mini Quilt would make a wonderful gift for a math or science teacher...or even that math geek.