Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mr. Two Spools

Meet Mr. Two Spools! I purchased him from a cowboy (and I'm not kidding, DH was there as witness). I stated that Ms. Graybar led to this machine. Well, when I picked up free Ms. Graybar, the lady told me that a Graybar is just a National. After returning home and studying her, I researched National sewing machines. During my research, I came across a quilter's blog on her National/ Western Electric Two Spool machine that she uses. I realized that the decals on her machine I had recently seen on a machine that was listed on CL. So, of course I called the poster to see if the machine was still available since I was fascinated with the use of two spools, one in a can/bobbin. A lady answered and stated that she had posted for her cowboy friend (a cowboy?!). Next day, DH and I take a drive to the wild west of California...and here is my dusty cowboy, Mr. Two Spools.

He'll be real handsome after his mineral bath.

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  1. Is there any room left in your sewing room to actually sew? :)