Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sewing room

My command center as my husband calls it. The Singer 201 is on the left, the Singer 15-90 in treadle is on the right, and the National Two Spools is located center in the Singer straight leg treadle.

My 201 in its treadle.

My Mr. Two Spools in his Singer treadle. My husband rigged up a way for the machine to sit in the cabinet since the National Two Spools machine doesn't fit a Singer cabinet.


  1. Beautiful machines! I'm rehabilitating a Davis NVF from eBay, I think it had been kept in a barn the poor dear. I'm eying what I *think* is a National Two Spool, also on eBay but it seems to be in better condition, though my boyfriend won't be too thrilled about a third antique sewing machine in the living room, even if they'll 'timeshare' one treadle base.

    Anyway, I am wondering what size needle your Two Spool takes? I've read on someone's post that theirs takes standard 15x1 can't justify the $63 with shipping if it take an exotic/costly needle and your input would help me feel good about buying her ;)

    Take care!