Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet Hank!

Well I did something I said I would never ever do. I purchased a machine off ebay. My latest is a Singer 328K, that I want to use in treadle. I like to finish off my bindings with a decorative stitch. I have been using my daughter's Threadbanger T-30 which can handle this type of work -so far, but I have been worried about the machine being able to continue to handle this load since the machine has plastic parts. So, I have been on a hunt for a machine to use in treadle that has cams for decorative stitching. I do hope that this machine will work out well for what I wish to use it for.
Last night I cleaned it up and played with all the flat cams and decorative stitches by use of the motor. It worked well after I cleaned up the bobbin area. It had lots of old lint that was well hidden. I also had to vacuum out all the little white foam balls from the packing sheets that were used. Machine arrive undamaged, but the machine's bottom wasn't covered so all the little white foam balls from the packing sheets had traveled up into the inside of the machine.
I think Hank will be a fun machine to use once I get him in a treadle. To me he looks like a battleship. My husband likes the color, but I don't. Way too ugly a color for my liking. So, I decided it was a boy machine and named it Hank.


  1. hi, I saw your post on treadleon and thought I would check out your blog. Nice one! Congrats on the 328. I have two 306's, one really pretty shiny two-toned one in brown and beige and one really ugly beige one with a chipped and chalky finish. Some day I will strip and paint it pink! and then pop it in a treadle.
    have fun!
    Cheryl Warreb

  2. Hi Cheryl!
    Thanks for leaving a post. I'm looking forward to this project of getting the 328K into a treadle. I went after the 328K since it takes the standard 15x1 needles. I enjoy my treadles and wanted a machine that does decorative stitches in a treadle. I do hope this works.