Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Check out these feet!

You are looking at Melinda's feet. Yes, I got myself another Two Spools, an Eldredge, in original cabinet.

While keeping a eye out for a cabinet for Mr. Two Spools, my National, I spotted another Two Spools down in Salinas. She was hiding in Steinbeck country just waiting for me to pick her up. I purchased her from a man who's grandma used the machine. Melinda is so much smoother than Mr. Two Spools. Funny how two machines can act so differently. Mr. Two Spools would always gallop, but Melinda just hums.

Well, I had to rearrange the sewing area; so, Hank got moved into the straight-leg that Mr. Two Spools was sitting in. Mr. Two Spools has an honorary spot on the book shelf under Thistle Marie.

Here is a look at the new setup. Next to Hank on the right under my cutting mat is my first treadle with Jasmine sitting inside; she is my Singer 15-90 free motion machine. I figure that when I wish to do some free motion quilting I will just rotate Jasmine with Hank.


  1. love your blog. the "feet" on Melinda are adorable. Is it comfortable to use one of those parlor cabinets? or do you feel cramped?

  2. I don't feel cramped; the space is about the same as a straight-leg treadle. At first, I was worried that the "feet" would be an issue in treadling since the heel area has a lip at the back. That hasn't been a problem for me at all since I treadle barefoot. I never really had an interest in having to have a parlor cabinet. My focus had been in finding a cabinet with treadle made for the Two Spools machine. Now, I'm happy to have the parlor cabinet since it is cute and Melinda looks just right sitting in it.