Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Orphanage

Somewhere in machine-land word is out that I'll rescue the free orphans! Yes, another one followed me home. I need to stop reading CL and feeling sorry for these souls. But this one is so cute! The guy giving the machine away stated that it had been his grandmother's machine and he was happy to see it go to someone that would clean it up and use it. Okay, I'm now at the point believing that it's the deceased owners of the machines, the grandmothers, that are finding me. I just wish I had a huge basement to take on more interesting orphans. A huge sewing room full of vintage machines to use and play with would be fun!

Standard Rotary from early 1900s.
The drawers were full of fabrics, a sewing project, clean vintage undies, kids socks that needed mending, and this drawer of cool attachments.

Since I'm still in contact with the previous owners, I asked them what the grandmother's name was so that I could use her name for this cutie of a machine. I love naming all my machines. The reply back was Rose! Sweet! I love the name Rose.


  1. ooohhh, attachents! gotta love them. great freebie find, lucky you!

  2. This machine is a cutie. I'm looking forward to cleaning her up and playing with all the attachments.

  3. Wow... I'd be playing with the clean vintage undies! BONUS!

  4. There was a 'undie' quilt posted a while back. You could start one now. Aren't the machines just too much fun! Enjoy 'Rose'

  5. No thank you to doing an undies quilt. Too many other pretty patterns/quilts that I would rather do.