Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Eldredge

Last year, I took pity on a machine that had been listed on CL for months by rescuing that poor thing. It sat in the garage through the winter looking dejected. Well, last weekend I cleaned the machine, cabinet, and treadle just enough to bring inside the house.

Trying to bring life back to once a beautiful machine started with a spa treatment on a warm sunny day. While sitting outside working on the machine, the sun provided the needed heat for me to loosen some screws that wouldn't budge. A blessing from the heavens!

She still needs more cleaning, but that will just have to wait until a later date.

I found a space for her. With all her weathered flaws, she graces my dining room.

The machine seems to be missing it's soul, but the treadle irons have a beautiful, smooth, rhythmic balance. I asked myself, How could a machine once so gorgeous lose its will for life; and yet, the treadle that is married to it breathes?

And with time will that change?


  1. Sew on her. That might bring her back to life again. Lovely cabinet, and pretty machine.

  2. It looks very happy to be out of the garage and getting some attention.

  3. From the photographs, the treadle irons and cabinet look great--and the machine looks like it has shined up a lot too. I hope you can get her purring away soon. What kind of needle does this Eldredge use?
    (I was supposed to get the Eldredge my mother used when she was a child back in the 30's, but I think a cousin took it and then junked it--at the time it was about 1,000 miles from me and I couldn't manage to get it to my home.)

  4. I don't think a standard needle, 15x1, is the correct needle, but I was able to slip the needle down a bit to get stitches. She sews!!!

  5. It's a lovely machine, cabinet and irons. Perhaps, like Sleeping Beauty, the right love will awaken her!

    Cheryl Warren

  6. I just bought one of these at a yard sale! I love the machine and the cabinet, but unfortunately, the supporting pieces that hold the machine inside the cabinet are broken. Would you post some pictures of the machine folded down into the cabinet so I can see how to fix mine? I can't wait to restore this cabinet!

    1. Sorry, but I no longer own this machine.

  7. I just purchased one of these, but it has no manual. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to find one?

  8. Does anyone know the value of the Eldridge machines? I recently purchased one and the cabinet is amazing, I have all the manuals and serial number include the warranty card.