Sunday, September 14, 2014

Playing with Design

I spent yesterday evening working on my design for the large crab quilt. I'm changing the look of the crabs for the quilt since I didn't like the representation of the crabs for this pattern.

I googled around to see how others created a crab pattern for their quilts. I found one that was getting closer to a crab look that I liked. So, I played around with that pattern. Here the legs are positioned with widest part of the leg at the base of the crab and thin out to a point, just as a crab's leg is formed.

And here the legs are positioned the opposite with the point to the base of the crab and widen out, which is similar to the look of the legs in the crab quilt above - which I find odd.

I took a poll at home. My husband and son agreed that the legs look better with the widest portion of the legs at the base of the crab with the points away. Now I need to finish sewing the pieces together to see the final look of this mock-up.


  1. Well, it is cute either way and I'm glad those crabs will get the right number of legs whichever way they point.

  2. The crabs do look weird with just two legs on each side. ;)

  3. Is there a pattern for these cute little crabs?? They are adorable! And do you piece on your 2 spool or the Davis? Thank you! Amie :)

    1. Hi Amie, There most likely is a pattern, but I just figure it out myself. I piece on my 2 Spools and quilt on the Davis.