Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thinking Pears But Seeing Avocados

My Mother's birthday is coming up, and I want give her a new table runner for her dining room table. She always has the table beautifully decorated with a runner and flowers. 

When I had seen this pattern at AlamosaQuilter a year or so ago, I knew that I would make it for my Mom. I had a screen shot of the pattern sitting on my computer for such a long time, and I would remind myself that one day I would get around to producing my own runner whenever I took a glimpse of the photo.

Since I enjoy machine stitching over hand stitching, I stitched the edges down with a decorative stitch using the Singer Treadle 224.

I decided that I wanted to make this into a circular top. So, I looked around the house for the largest circle that could be use to trace a circle onto the fabric. Yup, that worked!

After pinning the layers together, I started straight stitch quilting using my Davis Vertical Feed. It had been awhile since I had used the Vertical Feed. Oh, how I had missed quilting with this beauty. The machine hummed and I was at peace. This was a fun project! My son asked if the fruit were avocados or pears. I had thought pears, but now I'm seeing avocados. 


  1. Well, avocados or pears ... it will be a great table center. I had to chuckle at your circle template.

    1. I chuckled too! Whatever works and is quick works for me.

  2. I've heard only good things about Davis VF's. I still see pears, but, they are shaped like avocados.

  3. The Davis is a wonderful machine!