Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Finding Peace

Back in 2010, I started a tee-shirt quilt for my daughter, who was then in college far from home. I was missing her. The joy of making that quilt inspired me to make more quilts. Somehow in my researching of quilts, I discovered vintage sewing machine and treadling. I so wanted to share my new hobby with my parents, and one way for my parents to see these projects was through blogging. Yes, I started this blog for my parents. I thank my sister for the suggestion of starting this blog since it has brought me so much joy. Over the past year, my focus has changed to hiking and enjoying the outdoors, which I now post on Tootling Around. This focus on the outdoors started with the passing of my husband's mother. I wanted to help my husband heal is pain, his loss. I just wanted to get outdoors, hike, and enjoy nature with him more than sitting at home quilting. With the passing of my father, I know that my mom will not be looking at this blog unless I show her. So, my future posting of quilt projects will be few and infrequent.

I have started another quilt; one that I have promised my son, a tee-shirt quilt. He has just entered college. Earlier this summer, he asked if I would make him his college quilt. He surprised me with this question since I didn't think he would have wanted one. Luckily, I have saved some of his tee shirts.  And so, I start my next quilt project. The treadling will be good for me since it is peaceful.

So when I'm not quilting, I'll be hiking with my husband... and we will be healing each other's hearts.


  1. My hubby hikes, too, but, I can't (bad balance, old injury to ankle, etc). Glad you can enjoy hiking with your hubby. I'll still be checking out your blog for updates.

  2. My son started my blog so that all the kids could keep up with what I am doing ... each time I went to the states, the kids begged me to bring my quilt diary and it was so old it was falling apart. Now I am not sure my kids read it ... but they may because sometimes I see a comment by one or the other. We are more likely to share family stuff on the family blog. It was the biggest surprise that there were people out in the blogging world that might be interested in something I was doing.

    1. I agree that it is wonderful to discover that others, besides family, are interested in what we are blogging. Knowing that other readers enjoy the blog makes sharing the information so much more rewarding. Thanks for following my blog.