Friday, February 19, 2010

Plain Spoken Quilt

This is the front of the Plain Spoken quilt that I just finished today. In the quilting world, it is commonly referred to as "plain spoken" because of the use of fabric with no print and only rectangles for a plain pattern. Since we were in need of a new comforter for the living room sofa, I decided this pattern would look handsome in our living room.

There is a Balinese theme to the back of the quilt with this batik from Bali that matches all of the colors from the front. The added strip of solid gold (one of the colors used in the front) unites the front theme to the back. This looks extremely exquisite on my brown sofa in the living room.

Front and back, two totally different looks to this quilt. Don't forget to double click the image to see the photo enlarged.


  1. it is so pretty, I like that one side is so elegant and the other IS so pretty as it is plain and very clean looking. GOOD JOB