Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lauren's Baby quilt

Pieced on Thistle Marie, quilted on Classic Lady, and decorative binding stitched on Janome, Lauren's baby quilt is finished.

I love the cherry theme to this pinwheel quilt.

Front and back.

A peek at the top of the quilt. All of the pinwheels were pieced using Thistle Marie (Treadle), and the prairie points were basted on using Classic Lady (15-91), since that required lots of starts and stops to make sure points were on correctly. Quilting will be done on Classic Lady.

This is the material for pinwheel baby quilt that I will make for Lauren's baby shower.
The cherry theme squares will be used to make the pinwheels for the front of the quilt, and the large fabric with the small circles (that Erica says has a pea theme; hahaha) will be the back of the quilt. The yellow dragonfly fabric will be the binding. I forgot to show off the yellow squares in this photo; they are underneath the block of red.

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