Monday, February 21, 2011


The never-ending-quilt-is-done. Yeah! I got it finished this weekend. Yeah! This isn't my prettiest quilt. I made numerous mistakes with this quilt and learned a lot. I did try to rescue it; so, all wasn't lost. There are sections that I just love and others that are just the "oh well" sections. For now, it has the honor of decorating the chaise in my sewing area. Someone that is resting on the chaise while watching me work, like my husband, will enjoy snuggling under it.

The front side of the quilt.

I went back through some sections with a decorative stitch from the Janome to give it more of a defined look.

This is the backside of the quilt which is pieced from leftover fabrics. I wanted a reverse look, but I didn't have enough fabric to pull this off. Oh well!

Well, it's done and I'm ready to move on. YEAH!


  1. Nice quilts, and I love the bookcase with sewing machines in it. Came over from Treadle On and wanted to say "Hello".

  2. Thanks for the hello! Quilting with the treadles has been lots of fun.