Sunday, February 6, 2011

Modern Hunter Star Quilt

Playing with decorative stitches from the Threadbanger on the stars.

Close up of the quilting.

Update on my quilting this never ending quilt. I found an interesting method of basting that I decided to try over spray basting or pinning. It is a technique used in the clothing industry for basting, a herring bone baste. It wasn't difficult to do, just time consuming. It took me a week of basting sections while watching tv. I then ran some straight stitch lines in the area of the hunter star pattern with my new machine, Davis NVF. I like how that machine stitches. I then had a difficult time coming up with a quilting pattern. I'm using a scratchy lines free-motion quilting throughout for a more modern look since this isn't a traditional hunter star. I'm using my Singer 15-90 treadle, Jasmine, for this work. The top thread is a variegated orange to black, and the bottom is white.
Here are some photos of the work so far.

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