Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Forget the veggies...

..bring on the succulents! I killed my veggies!!! I guess watering would have help, but it's a bit difficult when the surrounding plants are all drought tolerant. Going ROGUE, all my flower pots now have succulents, and the entire yard is drought tolerant.

Oops, how did this one get by me...not a succulent, but the herb spearmint.


  1. YUP! I hear ya on that one. It's been so hot and no rain, watering my garden was not in the cards. So all is dead except some hardy herbs. Especially like the chicken in the pot!

  2. I figured out years ago, after fighting a couple of droughts, just to give up. If it survives in the landscape, it is meant to be. Rhododendrons, on the other hand, need to live in the shady mountains, not down here in the Piedmont. bye bye, rhodies!

  3. I'm only planting drought tolerant plants these days. Lavenders, rosemary, thyme, oregano, carpet roses, bottlebrush, and butterfly bushes seem to do the best in my climate. Good enough! Some herbs for seasoning the food and some pretty flowers to cheer up the house and yard. And since my dog would kill a real chicken, the cute ceramic one works for me.