Monday, August 22, 2011

She's up and running!!!!!

Rose! She is a sweet machine!
After I got the cabinet and machine all cleaned up, I gave her a test drive. Well I tried to give her a test drive! At first, I couldn't get the machine to pick up the bobbin thread. I looked online for a manual with no avail. My first thought was that the bobbin must not be in correctly. So, I read White Rotary manuals, Domestic Rotary manuals, and any other rotary manual for a treadle machine that I could find on the internet. The Standard bobbin looks just a wee bit different from the Whites, but not too much of a difference in technology for me to understand the correct direction and threading of the bobbin. I decided that the bobbin wasn't the issue and decided to study the mechanism for picking up the threads. Well, a light bulb went off! I realized that I needed to turn the hand wheel away from me, just like if I were using a White Rotary.

She sews a pretty stitch. I'm looking forward to making a cute baby quilt with her.


  1. that's a gorgeous machine. I hope she treadles beautifully for you too

  2. Good job and pretty machine. Another lady saved for more sewing. That is a happy machine.