Monday, November 21, 2011

It's All About the Baseball

I had some leftover fabric with baseballs that were screaming at me to use. The fabrics with the baseballs are scraps from the I Spy quilt that I made around this time last year for my father. While visiting a quilting store last week, I spotted the baseball motif fabric that will mainly be used as the back of the quilt. I'm trying a new technique on this quilt. A row is layered to the batting and back, and then quilted before joining the rows together. This is a quilt as you go method that I recently discovered while researching on quilt as you go. This quilt is for my sister's grandson; he loves baseball.

Worked on this most of yesterday. Quilting went smoothly until after dinner. I prepared my next sections, oil machine, and even replaced the needle with new. I'm all ready to go for the evening while watching tv with my husband, but my Singer 201 no longer wishes to sew for the night. First evening project turned into a fiasco; the dang machine wouldn't stitch correctly for me. I tried everything I could think of to correct the problem. No go, so, off to the Davis NVF to finish the section that I had tried to get done. Back to the 201, I play around with her for another half hour to no avail. I give up, take shower, and eat a large bowl of ice cream. Of course I can't leave the machine alone until morning. So, I go back to try one more time to get it to do the beautiful stitches that it's famous for. I say some words of encouragement. Well, she sews for me the prettiest stitches again. I looked at her and said now what the heck was that all about.

Sometimes I think these vintage ladies are telling me to take a break, just slow down and relax.

Can't today, got to finish this...more postings later.


  1. Maybe the 201 wanted some ice cream, too ; )

  2. OMG! I love it and I know he will too! It turned out better than I imagined.