Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quilt as I Go and Toni to the Rescue

I tested a couple of quilting techniques that are new for me while I made this quilt for my niece.
One is the simple method of making half squares by sewing two pieces of fabrics together around the edge and then cutting across the diagonals.

The other method is the "quilt as you go". This is my second "quilt as you go", and this quilt is just a bit larger than the last one. Since I didn't follow a pattern, I had to figure out the pattern and steps. Even though it took some time to do this, I like the "quilt as you go" method. My basting step was shorten to just pinning the layers together of the piece that I was working on at the time. No longer was I wrestling with the entire quilt while quilting a section.

Decorative stitching on this section was done with Hank the Tank, Singer 328K in treadle.

Quilting in the ditch with my Davis NVF.

Two sections ready to be joined with a white strip. The section on the left has two sections that were joined with a pink, horizontal strip. All the strips used to attach sections together were quilted with uneven straight stitching look that is seen in the pink, horizontal strip.
Toni, my 401A e-machine, helped me out with the decorative stitching on the binding.
Front side of quilt.
Back side of quilt.

Front just rotated for different view.

Piecing was done on both my Eldredge Two Spools and Singer 201.


  1. WOW! It's so cool! Kind of reminds me of my quilt for you "back in the day". I believe it was called Birds On A Wing. I remember it was blue, and being my first, was not nearly as well made as yours. She will love it I am sure.

  2. I hope she does! I want her to use it too! Something to cuddle under while watching tv.
    This was a fun and fast project.