Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Great Discovery Today!

I made hanging dish towels today with sweet Rose, the awesome Standard.
After assembling and sewing the material together, it was time to use the best buttonholer gadget every made. Yup, I did four buttonholes today and enjoyed it!
Wish I had this gadget many many years ago... like way back in Junior High when we had to make buttonholes. Life would have been so much easier.

After reading over the manual and setting up the buttonholer on my Singer 201, a successful test run was made.

Pleased with results, I move on to the first dish towel.

That looks excellent; so, I finish up the project.

Later in the day, while reading the rest of the manual, I discover that I can monogram with this gadget too. So, of course I do a quick test- that works!

I will have to practice a bit more to perfect the technique on monogramming. I would love to use this for my signature on the quilts that I make instead of the marker that I have been using. This is such a wonderful reward on for me on the Feast of Saint Nicholas, much better than candies or cookies.


  1. Next thing you know that machine will be jumping through hoops!

  2. Hahaa! Cute!! I'm not very good with my hand stitching due to essential tremors. So, anything that can be done by machine brings a smile to my face.

  3. Cool! I haven't played with mine yet. I don't think I have a manual for mine. Trial and error, here I come.

  4. Cheryl, The ISMACS site has a link to a manual.