Thursday, December 8, 2011

Having Fun!

Took time out to explore free motion quilting with my Davis NVF. Normally I just used this machine for straight stitch quilting and attaching bindings. Today, I used it for making some potholders that will be Christmas presents. Since I'm not gifted in drawing (my sister and my kids inherited that gene, not me), I just outlined the pattern on some fabric that has large floral prints that my mom gave me. I found a good use for that stash of fabrics. The silver material is ironing board fabric.
The first potholder has the silver material on the back.
First potholder:

This became the bottom of the potholder with the printed side inside the finished potholder. The top layer, printed fabric and batting, was quilted with curvy lines. The potholder has top printed fabric, layer of batting, printed fabric from above section, layer of batting, and silver back.

The second potholder:
The ironing board fabric is sandwich inside with batting layers.

Since these are rather large potholders, they could be use as cloth trivets.

The binding was attached with the Davis NVF and finished with decorative stitching from the Singer 328K, Hank the Tank.

First potholder's binding was done with the method I came up with in my Time for Another Tute tutorial. On second potholder, I used the same method, but I just shifted the straight stitch line that I use to secure the binding down before stitching the decorative stitching. I like the look of the straight stitch line move in closer to center, since it now looks like it is part of the decorative stitching.


  1. I've figured it out! You love machines and they love your bidding. Looking at how my potholders get treated, I think these need to have another job.

  2. lol YUP!!
    If someone told me two or three years ago that I would be sewing with vintage machines, I think I would have questioned why would I do that.

    Somehow these vintage machines have a way of finding a person who will love them. At least I think so! They are like lost souls. I'm just fortunate to be the steward to numerous machines.

    My husband says that the once cold backroom that now houses the machines has warmth and life to it.

    Each machine has its character; cleaned up and in use, they all make beautiful stitches and purr.

    As to the potholders, they can be cloth trivet to the best china. ;)

  3. Your FM is great. I stink at FM. I haven't tried it on one of my vintage machines. Maybe that would help me out.

  4. In my opinion, FM requires lots of hours of practice to get it to look good. I find little time to do that, since my to do list is very long. So, most of my quilting is straight lines. Plus, I like the clean look of straight line quilting for most of my quilts. I was surprised at how easy it was to FM quilt with the Davis. The technique is just a bit different from the other vintage machines that use a hopping/darning foot.