Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The 1 Hour Dress

...more like the two day dress.  Reading the small hint on pattern package would have clued me into the fact that it takes more than an hour.

I decided to make myself a couple of dresses for summer.  This is McCall's 9172, which states the "1 Hour Dress*".  I just get a kick out of McCall's use of the *.  Their way of sneaking in the important footnote at bottom that reads," sewing machine time only".   Well, this might be true once alternations have been made on muslin, but this dress from start to finish took me two days.  It took me a day for laying out the pattern, cutting, sewing, and altering; and a second day for the hemming, making thread loop for button, and sewing on button. Heck, just to get the thread loop for button correct took over an hour.  The dress is easy to make and comfy to wear.  It looks great on the mannequin since the mannequin's waste is smaller than mine and bust is larger than mine. Well, I'm no spring chick anymore, and I don't notch my belt like seen in picture, but this dress works for me.


  1. Love the fabric. I don't sew clothing. I just don't get it.

  2. Most of the patterns today are poorly written or assume that the person using the pattern knows what to do. I hear you! My mom has given me a couple of her Vogue patterns from the 60s &70s. Those Vogue patterns were written with excellent instructions on what to do.

  3. What?? That's not you modeling? How did I miss the fact that you didn't have arms??? Oh that's right! Sight is one of the things you loose first in the aging process. Love the fabric print.