Friday, May 11, 2012

Moving On

I went looking for a pretty white purse to go with my two dresses that I made for summer wear.
I found the purse, and I also discovered hundreds of dresses on sale.  I didn't purchase any.  I just had fun looking at designs and fabrics. With the price of patterns and fabrics and the time to make all the alterations, it's just not worth all that hassle- at least not for me. Yes, I can still sew my own clothes; I had my fun!  BUT, I prefer making quilts. So, I'm taking a break to enjoy my garden for a bit.  Happy Mother's Day! 


  1. Yes, I too prefer making quilts--although I'd love a new dress--but the things buyers in Albuquerque chose this year are really ugleeeee!

  2. Dora, Most of the time the items in the stores are very ugly, which is why I hate to shop for clothes. My favorite outfit is blue jeans and a comfy top. After sewing my son's costume, I felt like I needed a treat, a dress. Next time I'll just go buy more fabric for a quilt or two! :)

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you too! Love the dresses in your previous posts. I'm a big fan of vintage buttonholers too--they are absolutely the best way to make the best buttonholes.