Friday, June 1, 2012


Odd things happen when the weather turns hot.  I swore that I wouldn't be making any clothes for a very long time. The focus would be on designing and sewing a summertime quilt for my hammock. I would relax on the hammock and do some reading this summer.

Well,  I got sidetrack looking through the photos on Pattern Review.  I started reading about bra making, and then I found myself purchasing materials to make a bra. Curiosity just got to me; could I construct a bra. I even purchased the Kwik Sew 3594 pattern and made a comfy bra that I didn't like since it has those nasty seams runner through center and that show through clothing. Sorry, you will just have to trust me on this since no bras will be posted on my blog. So what did I do next,  I ordered the Jalie 3131 bra pattern.  That's right, I'm going to make another bra, but without those nasty seams. Why? Because I'm nuts, and the weather has fried my brain...nope, I just want a comfy bra the fits correctly and isn't padded. 

So while waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail, am I making the quilt for the hammock? Nope! I'm sewing more clothes.  I decided to make a wide leg pair of pants out of light weight fabric.  I have noticed numerous folks making wide leg pants for summer. Years ago, I made the McCall's 5592 wide leg jeans which were funky and comfy.  I no longer have those pants, but I still do own the pattern.  Today, I took my coupons to JoAnn's Fabrics, purchased fabric and notions, and spent the rest of the evening designing the back pockets.  I had fun testing out different decorative stitches from the Necchi. This is what I came up with for my design.

The white tailor chalk lines remaining will be the thick, white, decorative lines like the long black line, and a thin, straight stitch line in black will be close to the edge.  Those lines are added while stitching back pocket to back of pants.


  1. Bra ha ha aha!!!!!!!! I remember when Cindy and I made brassieres one summer, 50 years ago. Really like your idea of making your own pocket design. Looks great!

  2. Fun! I don't sew clothes, I haven't a clue how to. I'd never try a bra. I'm just too large up there. Looks like your pants will be cute. I like the wide legs. They are comfy.

  3. I love your design and I'm always a fan of decorative machine stitching. Let us know how the bra project goes!

  4. If you don't like that weird front seam, you can try what I did, which is to cut the band piece as 1 piece with the center front seam on the fold, instead of 2 separate pieces that need joining. Don't forget to remove the 6mm seam allowance.