Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Spotlight on Link

I tried a different quilting pattern than I stated I was going to do with this quilt since I was unable to figure out how to quilt the Triforce pattern. Yes, I took the easy way out.  Instead, I quilted rays emerging from all four corners to give a look of spotlights on Link.

Quilting with the Davis NVF.

Red thread is the basting thread which was removed after quilting was completed.

Quilt was washed to remove red tailors chalk lines before adding binding.

Link now hangs above my son's bed. Yes, that is a silver wall.


  1. My husband would be jealous of this!

  2. I'm starting another one that will be about the size of a twin to full size quilt. I'm planning to quilt in the ditch with the corners still having the rays only on the white background. This is so easy to make...just that some of my squares aren't perfect, oh well.:)
    Look for a pixel image of Link and you are good to quilt! Please post yours if you do make it for your husband.