Sunday, August 19, 2012


I added to my sewing wall today since I felt the wall just didn't look balanced. I had added the paper-piecing star to the collection, but something was missing. Today, I realized that I had a couple of drawers leftover from the one old cabinet that got trashed (treadle was used for the Singer 201). It dawned on me that I could use one of the drawers for a shelf. Took me no more than five minutes to hang the drawer and then another twenty minutes figuring out what I wanted to display on it. Works for me now!


  1. Oooooo, I love the idea of the drawer for a shelf I have a couple I haven't known what to do with. Thanks! It looks great!

  2. Thanks!
    Setting them up in a stair step pattern would be good.
    Please post yours, love to see.

  3. Ha ha I go contemporary and you've gone a bit country

  4. What a great idea!! Also, I love your machines pictured on the right of your blog page! :)