Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Did I Do Today?

You're looking at it! I spent the day learning how to navigate the new Blogger format. Yes, I'm one of the last to convert over to the new format.  For a very short period of time, I had made the dutiful change, but got frustrated with figuring out the format. So I just went back to using the old format, but today I decided to take the time to learn the new format. I played with color options and templates for hours. I went from a deep purple to this much softer blue background, and I finally found the location of the readers list. One can easily get lost! Well, I conquered that project; now, I'm off to finish LINK.


  1. Today I opened my dashboard and found some new choice blogger wants me to make. I am getting very tired of "new" before I even get used to the last change.

  2. Please don't tell me that there is yet another change to Blogger. Maybe I will be able to ignore that one for a bit.;)