Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pink and Orange Petals

I started working on side two of the graduation quilt, but I got stuck on the layout of the petals. My original plan was to add different size circles along the bottom left and up the right side. I'm having difficultly in visualizing the flow of the circles when the petals are all together. So, I took a break and did some reading for a couple of days.

I keep playing with the arrangement of the petals. I find myself wanting to split them into two groupings, some petals on top left side and the rest on the right center side. Splitting and separating the petals to each side just doesn't look complete right now. I think by adding the different size circles through the bottom left and up through the center to the top right will produce the balance and flow that I'm trying to achieve.

My son likes the look of the petals all together. He states is looks like a centerpiece. I think it's too predictable a look. I'll just cut the circles out and play with the arrangement some more.