Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Mother's Day Gift

When I saw the Pick Violets free paper piece pattern by Amy Friend of During Quiet Time on her blog, I knew it would be my next project. I made a small change to the handle of the garden shovel since I didn't want to deal with the smaller pieces.

My mom loves wild flowers. She will sometimes stop on a side of a road to pick daisies, Queen Anne's Lacy, and other summertime flowers to make a beautiful bouquet. The daisies in this mini quilt remind me of some of those roadside fields that my mom frequents in the summer. This spring my mom has been replacing some old, leggy plants in her yard. That's a prodigious job for her since Mom is in her eighties. Instead of giving my mom flowers for Mother's Day, I'm going to give her this small table topper. It should last longer than a bouquet of flowers.


  1. What a great gift. Sew cute, and heartfelt.

  2. Very cute. She has it displayed in the foyer as you enter. She payed you lots of compliments. I hope she tells you. Have you given the graduate her quilt? I can't wait to hear of her response. To receive an original M. Tong is better than gold.

    1. Thanks! That's sweet of you to think so. I think I would take the gold...heeheee...then I could do more quilting. Yes, she has stated that she loves it. I thought she would have placed it with the hens that I made for her.