Monday, May 27, 2013

Birds on a Fence

Back in March, I participated in my quilt guild's block-of-the-month. The gals that organize the block-of-the-month said it was a paper-piecing project. I was excited to do this block since I had done paper-piecing. What I didn't know was that the block's pieces were already cut to size and only needed to be sewn together. I didn't know this since the instruction sheet was titled paper-piecing project. The diagram of the bird on the instruction sheet was there for one to use as a guide and not to be used to paper-piece. Well not realizing the mistake in terminology, I paper-pieced. When I turned in my block, it was then that I realized the error since my block was smaller than the other blocks. I looked at the gal in charge of the project and stated that it said paper-piecing. She then said "OH" and mumbled something about it really being foundation piecing (which it isn't that either). I looked at her blankly, then quickly recovered my thoughts, and stated that my square could always be used in the back of a quilt for whomever wins the squares.

The time came for the drawing, there were three winners and I was one. When I heard my name called, I just chuckled to myself since I knew my square would be handed back to me. My lone birdie on the back is sitting proudly.

This donation quilt is truly a community quilt since many hands went into the making of the quilt.


  1. ha ha that's a great story! When you told me of the piecing project awhile back, I thought it would be funny if you won it and ....quelle surprise! you did!

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  3. Replies
    1. It was! Plus, my block is now on the back of a quilt as the decorative accent.