Friday, June 21, 2013

Letting GO

There are some projects that never materialize. Those projects never get completed for whatever reasons. My tie project is just that project.

I cleaned and took the ties apart. I started to cut my blocks that I planned to use for that pretty table runner that I envisioned.

As I was cutting up the blocks from the ties, a feeling of great depression over came me. The fabrics got even uglier....and the question of why am I working with such depressing fabrics came to mind. Instead of picturing a pretty table runner made from vintage ties, all I visualized was some elderly man wearing these ugly ties. At least he wasn't drooling.

IF there is such a thing as Spirits of Ties or Tie Gods, then they have spoken to me. Some used items can have new life breathed into them, and some folks are more patient at such projects. Today, I have accepted the fact that I'm not one for resuscitating vintage ties. So, I'm letting GO. A long overdue burial for these ties, the trash can....and a peace of mind for me.


  1. the God's must be crazy....???
    yep..sometimes we need to listen.