Wednesday, June 26, 2013


That is the name of my son's company:

He designs tee shirts! He does it all: sales, marketing, web design, photography, digital design, and the art work.  He worked with Threadbird,,  to print his designs on tees that are made in America. All his work is Made in America...and he is trying to keep it that way.

The pretty model in photo is a friend of his. He shot the photos for his advertisement.

He asked me to make a beach cover-up by altering an X-large tee from his short sleeve line. Here are two photos that I took of the cover-up.


  1. that is pretty cool. like the piping. does it fit you?

    1. Yes it fits! The model had it on, but I don't see a photo of it. The cover-up looked great on her.