Monday, December 9, 2013

A St. Nicholas Day Gift

I was a wee bit late in getting this project done in time for the Feast of St. Nicholas, Dec. 6. I spent the day after the feast day finishing up the quilting. This gift is headed to my mom since she has sent me boxes of her fabrics to use in my quilts. All minus the yellow fabric were from her stash.

This pattern, Fun Poinsettia, is from Sew Kind of Wonderful ( I didn't have the curve ruler that she suggests. Instead, I used a curve ruler with lots of curves that I already own and selected a curve that worked close to the directions on the placement of the ruler. I had to make some modifications since the curve was slightly off. Also, I only made one flower since I only had enough fabric for one. Piecing was done on Davis NVF since the walking foot on that machine is easy to use for curves. Quilting was done with the Davis NVF, along with part of the binding. The decorative stitching on the binding was done with the Necchi Supernova.


  1. I can't believe you can make those machines behave so well!
    Great little piece!

  2. I really need to dig my Necchi Supernova out and see if it even runs. Cute mini quilt.

  3. Thanks! Sometimes these vintage machines do have a mind of their own. :) The Necchi does a lovely job on making decorative stitches.