Friday, December 27, 2013

Earbuds and Socks

...were some of the gifts that I had made as Christmas gifts for my family.

The earbud pattern can be found at Erin Erickson website:
I was so happy to come across this pattern the week before Christmas since I was looking for new items to use as stocking stuffers this year. This pattern comes together very quickly. My only mistake in following the directions was with the first earbud, the blue one. The zipper tab was placed in the wrong direction, but that really is no big deal since it can still be unzipped and zipped.

The other gift that I was able to complete in time for Christmas was this pair of socks for my daughter. My husband's socks are still on the knitting needles and hopefully will be finished by end of this year. So from now until the New Year, I will be knitting.

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