Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Duck Cloth and Wool

I finished the socks that I was knitting for my husband in time for him to wear the socks on New Years Eve. Since shoes are not worn in the house, the family wears socks. At night, my husband always switches out of his socks that he wears during the day and puts on the socks that I have knitted for him. I call those knitted socks his lounging socks. These socks made of wool should keep his feet very warm this winter.

The other gift that I made for my husband this Christmas was this magazine holder that fits on a towel bar. Magazines were always congregating on the bathroom floor, but no longer. Since I could not find a pattern to use, I design the magazine holder myself. The material used was duck cloth, and all the sewing was done with my Davis NVF.

1 comment:

  1. I like the way your machines have different names and different tasks. You seem to have chosen whatever they are good at. As for a magazine rack in the toilet... no one would want to spend any more time than necessary in ours!