Monday, February 3, 2014

Jeans and More Jeans

A TreadleOn friend had given me four large boxes of used jeans that she never got around to using. Since I have made numerous denim quilts with that stash, I decided to thank her with a denim quilt. I had picked out the cute bandana fabric some time ago thinking that it would look great as a backing fabric for a denim quilt. The solid reds are the strip fabrics used between denim squares, and the red with pattern fabric is the binding fabric.

This quilt was made using what I'm now calling the Mondrian Denim pattern. I just quilted this one different from the others that I have made.

After all the pieces were arranged and stitched into sections easy enough to handle in quilting, I pinned the back fabric on and then used tape to mark my lines. There is no batting in this quilt.

I like using this tape method, but it was a bit tricky when lining up the lines with the next section to quilt. I left all of the tape on the first section to line up the lines on the next section.

I left a gap of a half-inch (green section of the cutting mat) for the space of red strip and used the ruler to line up the lines. My quilt lines are close to a 1/4 inch from the tape.

Then I slowly transferred the tape and quilted. I did this for all of the sections.

I thought this method would save me some time, but in the end I don't think it was any faster than when I quilted inside each square like I did on the last Mondrian quilt that I made.

This will be my last denim quilt project for awhile since it's time to try other designs and projects that are on my ever growing to do list.