Monday, February 17, 2014

Interleave Quilts

While researching quilts, I came across Lorrie Cranor's blog post on her Tartan Tango: I liked it so much that I wanted to make an Interleave quilt. Lucky for me, Lorrie had posted directions on how to make a mini Interleave quilt for her 1 day workshops: So, I got busy digging through fabrics to make one, which then turned into two mini quilts. The project can be assembled in a day. I'm not going to post directions. One can find them on Ms. Cranor's blog.

Test run #1: The Helix

This pattern is made with the helix template.
I started with pulling fabrics, printing directions, and making a template. I didn't change the scale of the template since I figured it would work for this mini project.

I made my own grid.

I followed the directions for marking and cutting the panels.

Then, I marked the left side with my soft graphite pencil so that I had my reference point, which is handy to have.

Since my Davis NVF doesn't have the perfect 1/4 inch walking foot, the strips no longer matched the grid. That didn't bother me.

Finished with first test run. My husband says it looks like two breast while my son says it looks like an hourglass.

Test Run #2: Hourglass

This pattern is made with the hourglass template.
I decided to use three different colors per strip instead of the two that are in the directions. So, I made a mistake on which piece I wanted cut. Trial and error on my part.

I wanted the orange panel to be sandwiched between the purples. I had to rip out the orange and add a new panel, and then re-cut on the purple.

I love treadling my Davis NVF!

Finished the Hourglass Sine Wave.

The two projects. An Interleave Mini Quilt would make a wonderful gift for a math or science teacher...or even that math geek.


  1. Is it this easy? Looks complicated and I got pretty confused, had no instructions till I browsed and browsed.......Thank you...

  2. Hmmm... I'm loving these little quilts!! Interweave. I must find where you got the tutorial! Oh and I'm picking one my new2me Davis NVF tomorrow!! Amie 😀😀😀

  3. Hi Monica, I took your Interleave class in Danville and am now obsessed with making these little quilts. A few of my friends want me to show them how these are made and I know someone will ask how to make a larger one. Would you be willing to share how you made the lap-sized quilt for your daughter? Thanks!

  4. Hi, To make it larger you need to make the strips longer. That quilt project was so daunting that I don't even want to do another or think about one. It is basically the same process, just longer strips on a larger back that has been marked. If they want to do something larger, I suggest doing table runners instead. Glad to hear that you and friends are enjoying the Interleave quilting. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Monica! I finished my third today! This time I tried the diagonal stripe panels that you Interleave without shifting and I really like how it turned out! Tomorrow I am going to try a flower print panel and see what happens! Thanks again for giving me such a neat new obsession!

    2. I'm so glad you are enjoying the different patterns. We have Lorrie to thank for coming up with the pattern. I wouldn't have been able to create such a method of quilt-as-you-go. One can always make them longer to be used as beautiful wall hangings or table runners. Have fun quilting!