Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maryland Crabs

Recently, I took a trip back home to visit my family in Maryland. While there, I went shopping at a lovely quilt store (Bear's Paws Fabrics) and purchased some fabrics that I can use for two different quilts that have a Maryland motto...

... Maryland is for Crabs.

Well, this trip home reminded me of a quilting project that is on my to do list.
For a number of years now, I have wanted to make this one quilt with a crab motif. The fabrics on the left will be used as the background for this pattern.

While the fabric with the newsprint will be used as the background in the Crab Twist pattern, Handcrafts by Jennifer.

This crab twist pattern and the newsprint fabric reminds me of eating blue crabs, which turn red from cooking. Marylanders always pick (eat) their crabs on top of a layers of newspapers that are used as the tablecloth/plate. How to eat Maryland crabs (I don't know this person, but he gives a quick lesson on eating blue crabs for those that wish to learn how):

For now I leave you hunger for blue crabs, while I go off to quilt. Bon Appetit!

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