Friday, January 7, 2011

Continuation of Hunter Star

One side (A) that is pieced with the smaller block of hunter star. This piece will be situated so that it will fit in the large black and white block on the other side (B). The idea is that the quilting on the smaller block (A) will show on the other side (B)with the large black and white block as a decorative stitch. I at least hope that is how it will work. One side will decorate the other side with its quilting pattern.

One side (B) that is pieced with the larger block of hunter star.

Making slow progress, but I plan to finish. After finishing holiday quilt gifts and daughter's intense sewing project, I now have time to work on this again. While piecing last night, I discovered that some of my later blocks are smaller than the first set that I had pieced. Now, I have to rethink the layout of my quilt and how I plan to do the quilting. I think I'm going to like what I have come up with as a solution to my fiasco. This new look should have a more modern look and less repetition. Plus, one will not know which side is front and which is back (love the look of quilts like this).

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