Saturday, January 22, 2011

Protecting the decals!

Penni is all cleaned up and ready for sewing. She looks pretty and the cabinet cleaned up well also.

The cool drawer with the holder for the bobbins. I was lucky that the attachments came with this machine.

The cabinet has its own tape measure that measures to the half yard.

I had to attach the left side of this scroll that had fallen off.

My major concern is protecting these beautiful decals. The machine has an overall cloudy haze to it and the bed has tiny bubbles in the shellac. I don't want the decals to turn silver on me when I clean this. I have spent hours researching information, and reading so many blogs from folks with gorgeous machines that they have collected. I'm so happy to see that there are many of people that are collecting and preserving the vintage machines. So many unique beautiful machines, cabinets, and treadles. Vintage machines are a work of art!

Photos of the metal parts cleaned and a test area cleaned in the back upper right top where there was a lot of oil close to the oiling spots on the machine.

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