Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not another machine! YES!

My Davis Vertical Feed (NVF)! I had to have her! So, meet Penni! This machine is way cool since it has no feed dogs. The foot and needle push the fabric. Another project for me and another beautiful treasure! The seller's son gave her this machine as a gift. He had found it at an antique shop for $50. He knew she wanted a machine like the one she had learned to sew on, old VS Singer, and made her wedding dress with. Her mom still owns that machine but her sister has claimed that machine even though the sister doesn't sew (time for a deal if you ask me). Well, this isn't the machine (VS yes, Singer no). Since it needs more work than she was willing to do, she put it up for sale. All she wants is a Singer VS treadle like the one her mom owns. And all I want is to play with this machine. Now the eclectic attachments are another prize that I purchased with this machine. Some are for this machine, others for Singer machines, and another set for what may work on my Free machine.

Work needs to be done on this cabinet. The hinge area is in need of repair.

And Penni is named after the person that directed me to her. Thank you Penni!

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