Friday, October 5, 2012

The Odd Scrappy

I was given some fabrics by someone who heard that I was going to make some donation quilts. The gal inherited the fabrics after her mother had passed away.  The gal thought that she would make a quilt with her mother's fabrics, but she never got around to making that quilt and the fabrics sat for years in a closet. The recently discovered fabrics were passed to my mother who then sent the fabrics to me.

Since there wasn't enough off-white fabrics in the stash, I added some of the off-white fabrics that my mom had given me earlier this year to make the half squares. I didn't have enough half squares to continue with the pattern; so, I used one of the paper-piecing stars that I made earlier this year to fill in that section. The materials for the backside of quilt was also from the gal's stash.

 This quilt will be a donation to the local guild. The guild members donate quilts to those in need locally.


  1. What a wonderful solution! I really like the unique design. Someone will be happy to get it. Funny how those old fabrics have a way of working themselves into someone else's stash.

  2. A very beautiful quilt! A very unique design, I love it! I like the paisley fabric on the backside!

  3. Striking design. Glad the fabric will make someone else warm. Nice quilt.