Sunday, January 1, 2012

Comfy Socks and a New Year

Attend a TOGA and pick up another machine...nope, that didn't happen at the mini TOGA that I attended last week. Instead, I was inspired to knit socks, something that I have never done. The test is to see IF I can knit a pair of comfy socks. I already told myself that 2012 would be the year that I would complete all those projects that I started but never got finished. So, what do I do but start with a pair of socks that were not on my To-Do list.

I started by reading tutorials, watching videos on how to knit a sock, and finding a easy pattern. My New Year's Eve was spent watching movies, knitting, turning a heal, and making a gusset. This sock making could become addictive and keep me from rescuing those free machines that nobody else wants. I may have found a way to save myself from becoming a vintage sewing machine hoarder...let's hope!

But for now, I will focus my enthusiasm into my New Year's To-Do list:

Christmas quilt that didn't get completed for 2011
Eldridge sewing machine and cabinet restoration project, now sitting in garage
Free No. 5 sewing machine restoration project, from last year in garage
Knitted sweater started four years ago, almost done
Jean jacket with lining, been waiting on shelf for two years
Purse, this year
Wallet, this year
Pillowcase dresses for my sister's two granddaughters, this year
Donation quilts, this year

And socks...lots of socks.

Wishing all a peaceful and healthy New Year!


  1. And the good thing about a list is... that you have a choice. My list has only two things and not a lot of choice. Maybe I need to knit something...

  2. I like choices...thanks for the reminder! You should try knitting socks since it doesn't take up very much space, just two balls of yarn and four small knitting needles.

  3. And when I am done knitting the socks it will still be 2 balls of yarn! and the 4 knitting needles will have multiplied into 8 or 16 pieces in utter frustration.

  4. I guess I will have to knit you a pair. ;)

  5. Love that yarn, can't knit a stitch (or is it a purl?).