Monday, January 23, 2012

How Time Flies!

It's Christmas again...not.
I just finished the Christmas quilt. Yes, the quilt that became my headache when I tried to finish it up quickly in time for Christmas by shortening the time of basting the dang thing. Instead of my usual method of hand basting, I used the spray basting. Yes, that nasty stuff that likes to wreak havoc on a perfectly wonderful project. It seems that the chemicals in the spray baste causes the machine needle to get gummed up which then makes for skipped stitches and loops...and headaches. I had to take the layers apart, wash all layers numerous times, reassemble, and hand baste before I could do any quilting. I wasn't liking this quilt...and here it was Christmas and all should be so joyous. At first, I thought I would hand quilt it. Possibly, my second in a lifetime hand quilted quilt. I even started a section, only to find that I really hate hand quilting. So, I decided to do what is best...I ignored it until after the holidays were over.

Time apart always helps! Amazing how time heals all problems...or some. And even though this isn't my best machine quilting, I'm liking this quilt now that it is finished and washed. It's cute and comfy. Peace at last!


  1. You thought you were late but actually, you are very early. That is a lovely quilt regardless of the problems it caused. I think it would be good any time of year.

  2. Thank you Julie! The more I look at this quilt the more I'm liking it. The top fabric is the flannel and bottom cotton, a soft cuddly quilt.

  3. I used the spray baste stuff on a baby quilt once (one of the very few machine quilted things I've done). Not sure if I liked it. I really didn't like the smell. I tried fusible batting earlier this year. Stupid stuff doesn't stick, had to go back and pin baste it. I really should stick with basting and hand quilting. THAT I can do.

  4. I too have used the fusible batting only to find that it doesn't work. My favorite is hand basting!