Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Way Cool!

...was the response from my teenage son. Yup, I have to agree that this bag looks so much better. It's me!

While killing some time yesterday, I went fabric shopping. It was my lucky day; not only did I find fabric, but a simple, cute pattern. Sew what did I do today?
Yes, I whipped this one up quickly...simply easy and quick...no frustrations for me this time.

Inside of bag.

Outside of bag, take note of the big, red button; it travels.

I do hope my BIG approves of this one. Already I'm planning on making a jean bag with this extremely easy pattern.


  1. MUCH better and I think jean fabric would be a great choice. Let's see...I have 3 sizes in my closet that I could donate!

  2. After I finished this one, I thought of making another for Spring that would be of jean fabric. Hold onto your jeans!

  3. Love it, what is the name of the pattern?

  4. Opps, sorry Cheryl, just saw this post.
    The pattern is Simplicity 4117 pattern D.
    I plan to make another one in denim for this summer.