Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Conversation with Eunice

I know, I know...I said my focus will be on vintage sewing machines that I had never before experienced. Treadles, those are the ones I will only rescue. And I did just that. I told myself that I'll concentrate on meeting more folks that sew with their vintage machines instead of me collecting more machines this year. And so, I added to my reading list by signing up to the Yahoo's vintage treadle sewing machine group for that search.

Yup, I did just that!

I decided to read from the summer of 2010, the time I started collecting vintage machines. I read until one post captivated my interests and brought me to a halt, "anyone wanting a Necchi Supernova to treadle contact me". I told myself, NO!!! And reminded myself that I grew up sewing with a Necchi Supernova; I know this machine. But that post haunted me for days... and I found myself researching Supernovas.

Well, I have always said that the machine has a way of finding its new steward. This one sat waiting patiently for me.

So, I introduce Eunice, quiet, sweet, and innovative.

I figured a way around my dilemma with the bobbin winder cover and treadle belt. At first, I thought I could just remove the bobbin winder cover from the bobbin winder so that the treadle belt wouldn't hit the cover, but that couldn't be done.

I discovered after taking the motor plate cover off that the bobbin winder extends down to this point which then clears the bobbin winder out of the way of the treadle belt.

And so, Sebastian lends me a claw with a smile. He's my hero!

On this clear winter day, I marvel at my wintergreen Necchi Supernova Ultra and Sebastian...such an odd couple...and I'm sure Eunice approves.

Thank you Eunice Winters.


  1. And I am wishing for room to put one small portable machine?

  2. The gentlemanly Hank the Tank, Singer 328K, gave up his seat for Eunice. Hank will be sitting next to Mr. Two Spools the Cowboy on my shelf. Julie, you are going to have to hunt down at least one vintage machine there in the Tokyo area, and then you will find the room.

  3. Eunice was always hip. She liked Harry Potter! And Sebastian is my all time favorite! Sing with me and my calypso band....
    Under the sea, down where it's wetter take it from me!

  4. Eunice loved imagination, which then brought innovation.
    I'm singing with ya...Down here all the fish is happy...take it from me! Bless her smiling soul!

  5. You will love this Necchi. I'm treadling two that are older than yours, and it's hard to believe I once preferred other machines!

  6. lovely machine! do you have the cams for her?

  7. Yes, the Necchi box of goodies, cams, and attachment feet all came with the machine.

  8. Hi Monica. I know this is an older post but I like your solution for the bobbin winder door issue. Did you know that there are factory "treadle-able" Supernovas? They just have a notch out of the bobbin winder door to allow the belt to pass through and people have modified theirs the same way. Join the vintage Necchi yahoo group here to see pics and get measurements if you are interested.


    1. Yup, I have read the Necchi Group's board; that is where I learned about treadling a Supernova. Thanks for spending some time reading my blog!

    2. Hi Monica - I love your blog! We have so much in common! I have been searching for an affordable Supernova (with knockouts for treadling) to no avail thus far, but just came across a Singer 224 in a cabinet and am wondering which do you prefer?

    3. I prefer treadling the Singer 224 over the Necchi.

  9. Interesting! Thanks! Good to know! I don't know anyone else who has one so I thought I'd ask. :)