Thursday, February 9, 2012

Green Eyed Bandit

This year, I have decided to participate in Block of the Months to fulfill my goal of acquiring a broader knowledge of the construction of many quilting patterns that I have never attempted to tackle. Yes, I'm forcing myself to venture in a direction that isn't my design or style. Call this endeavor my learning curve. Somehow I will find a way to manipulate what I create into quilts that reflects my style.

Here is my second block from the one BOM (first block in that series is the snow flurry). The block was originally designed for four 6" sections with two of the sections being paper piecing cats with hearts and the other two sections are free for me to design. I decided to replace one of the cats with a face of a cat. I tried to modify a paper piecing face of a dog since I couldn't find a cat's face, but instead I produced Yogi the Bear...or maybe it's a green eyed bandit.

The layout of the PP face:

After all that work, I didn't like the harshness of the lines in the face. Plus, it didn't look like a cat's face. So, that section of the February block will be used elsewhere. I went with only one cat in the block since I lost interest.

My first two blocks from this BOM:

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