Monday, June 13, 2011

Everyone must have at least one!

I was busy Friday driving around picking up great deals!
My first stop in the morning was for a free Singer cabinet and Singer VS2, fiddlehead (which I posted already). My second stop in the evening was for this Featherweight that was hidden on CLs. The lady posted it as a Singer 15-91 with another 15-19 (post read two 15-91, portable and table). I took a looked at the posted photos and immediately sent off e-mail. She was happy to sell and I was happy to receive my first FW.

My husband was waiting for me each time I arrived back home to help unload the car. With the FW, he went to the back of car, opened hatch, and stated where is the machine! I chuckled and told him its sitting behind me. So, he goes to open the passenger seat door behind me and says "this is it…it's so light…no wonder everyone wants one". When I opened the box and showed him the box layout and machine, he was so surprised at the size. All night long he kept talking about how cute it is and that the FWs look like toys…and I should look for more…start a family.

Again I chuckled because my 2- Two Spools, Melinda and The Cowboy, just got married. So now, they have their first child, Heather-FW. And grandma, VicOtoria-VS2, has taken up residence too. There went that honeymoon!


  1. I'd love to have a FW, but, they are so expensive in my area. Enjoy your machines!

  2. I got lucky with this one. In my area, they are expensive too, more than I ever wish to pay. Just keep your eyes on the lookout for one on CLs.