Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I couldn't decide on title for this post. The song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" keeps coming to me every time I look at this quilt. So, that title won. This will be my donation quilt for a person in Joplin Missouri. I told my neighbor if I ever sold the sewing machine and table that she gave me, I would use that money for a donation quilt. She told me that she knows of a person in Joplin that lost everything. I sold the machine and table faster than I thought I would; some gal wanted the table badly. Well, I was having a difficult time making my son's b'day quilt. The colors didn't seem right for him, and for some reason the donation quilt kept surfacing to my mind...a please work on me now. As the piecing progressed and the quilt took on a life, as all quilts do, I knew this quilt's home would be in Joplin.

A close-up of scallop stitch used to finish off the binding. I use a different method from before. Instead of just straight stitching down and then running the decorative stitch over, I got brave and just did the decorative stitch. I had too many stops, starts, fixings, and fussing over position of binding for my liking while treadling. Next time, I will glue iron the fabric down first and then do the decorative stitching. It will make is easier for me in treadling.

I love this quilt! I like my choice of fabrics and the backing. There is a feel of movement and life! May this quilt bring warmth and comfort to another.

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  1. Nice job, nice quilt, I know that it will be appreciated and needed.