Monday, June 13, 2011

Twins! Jade has come home!

This Davis NVF had been sitting on CLs for over a month. I waited and waited for someone to pick it up, but nah that never happened. So when I called to inquire about the machine, I was told that it was a donation and the money from selling this machine goes to an after-school program that benefits the handicap. When he told me that, I told him it's sold. He was so elated that he started telling me how the machine's foot and needle operate to move the fabric. I told him I already own one in treadle that I use in making quilts. He asked if I would like to teach a class!

Well, this lady's name is Jade since some of her decals have turned green. I moved her twin sister, Penny, out of the treadle so that I could test Jade. She did come with a motor that I removed (that ran way to fast for my liking). Since she stitches better than Penny, Jade will be staying in the treadle. Penny gets the honorary spot on the bookcase to oversee Jade's work.


  1. Sew wonderful!!! Enjoy Jade. She's pretty! Congrats!

  2. You are so funny! Every time I think you have stopped collecting... well up pops another 2 or 3 machines! I am enjoying your hunts.